Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Facebook login

I bet most of you have seen the story on "Facebook login". Apparently some people type that very phrase directly into their web browser's google search (my guess is that they don't actually go to the google homepage, nor do they use the google search field in their browser, but rather the page set as home page on their browser *is* There has also been numerous opinions and ideas on how to fix this swimming around the interwebs.

Here is mine:

There is nothing freaking wrong with google or facebook or any of that. Using peoples stupidity and lack of will to learn as the source of improvement is inherently flawed. Build a system for morons and only morons can use it.

What did hit me when reading some of these opinions and ideas on the very same interwebs you all are using was that finding my way back to somewhere I had been before already has a solution. The bookmarks. The problem, for me, is that I never liked bookmarks. Not because they don't give me the functionality I want, i.e. find my way back from a small subset of the interwebs, but because it is a pain in the arse to use.

Adding is fairly simple, but it ends up being a huge list or I fill up the poor bar at the top of my browser. I.e. organizing them, well, is something I don't do well with. I also end up with broken links, don't care for any longer links, links I don't know I have, and a mess that means that it is hard to find things. Don't even start with searching, because if I remember where I wanna go, I most often know the URI, and I type that in. Then add in n number of different browsers on x number of computers and the mess is complete.

This is what is broken. Bookmarks are broken. I have a need, but I do not have a solution ready for my consumption. And I think this is where the true failure is. Not that someone isn't bright enough to type in the right place, but that it is inherently a pain in the arse to get back where you have been before.

Not that I want to get back to facebook :)

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