Thursday, July 30, 2009


I am downgrading my expectations on Android to "probably just a big mess in the end". We have reports such as this and the inevitable results of having n number of mobile phone companies having their own private, and perverted, agenda for Android. So what does that mean you ask? I tell you what it means, SEMC, Moto, etc will have their own incompatible extensions and rewrites, their own "ideas" for usability that they will, badly, shoehorn into the devices, and they will all suffer in the performance and quality sectors.

Apple and the iPhone has problems, but none of them are related to their hardware or software. It seems like all of them relates to carriers (we already knew these guys are professional grade A assholes) or the appstore. Oh, and a bunch of nutcases wants the iPhone to be something that it is not and they jailbreak it etc (I don't count people who jailbreak to use it with other carriers, see previous opinion on carriers).

Android is just software, and seems to have most of its major problems in the software.

The only other camp that is worth watching today is the Palm/RIM camp. They really really should join forces. Seriously, now, at once.

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