Friday, August 14, 2009

I now own an iPhone

Hallelujah, I have joined the fold. I now also own an iPhone. A real life working iPhone that is my own. My own I tell you. A 16 iPhone 3GS (yes, I said I would shell out for a 32GB one, but seriously, I have a 32GB iPod touch, so I will use the iPod for music and the iPhone for iPhoneing). The fun thing is that I already knew what I was in for. I have had a touch for a while, I've tried others, my mother-in-law and wife has one, but having my own is different.

The iPhone doesn't suck at all. Why would I say something like that? Because I measure things in how much or little they suck, not how great they are. The less weak points the better for me. I get easily irritated by stupid cumbersome bad features. I very much do not get irritated by the iPhone. I really enjoy using it and now and then I find things I would have liked included, but either way I really enjoy using it.

That's all. Go get one yourself, they are great. I also think that this whole hoopla with the app store is going to be fixed. Apple doesn't stand to win on their current way of doing things for sure. It will be resolved, little by little, the normal Apple way.

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